There are 3 methods of advertising on - but for option A and B you must be a supplier of diaries or accessories.

Option A - Affiliate Network
If you have an affiliate program with either LinkShare, Affiliate Window,, Tradedoubler or Webgains then we will happily join your program as long as the commission is adequate.

Option B - Pay Per Inclusion
We will happily promote your diaries on a "cost per post" basis of £20 + VAT. This is primarily a administrative charge, so there would be discounts on multiple posts / products.

Option C - Banner / Display Positions
As you will see we have the following ad positions available on the website; which are available to advertisers on a "cost per month" basis.

Leaderboard (Top Horizontal Banner) - £150 per month
MPU (Left Hand Square Unit) - £250 per month
Skyscrapers (Left Hand Column, Tall Vertical Unit) - £100 per month
Button (Left Hand Column, Small Square Unit) - £50 per month

Please contact us at the email below, (simply remove the spaces) and get in touch.
Contact Luxury Diary
andy @ redgreendigital .co .uk